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Performance Exhaust Systems

HMS-Tuning offers Performance Exhaust Systems for the following brands:

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Quality is key - so our Performance Exhaust Systems are only made of high quality stainless steel. All exhaust systems are individual hand made and WIG(TIG) welded - for maximum durability. The final quality control completes the production process. In combination with the proven and superior valve control you will get more than just technology and sound. All this further reduces the maintenance costs.

Endpipes in various designs such as round, oval, square, rolled, straight or bevel cut, or even in special shapes on customers demand will not fail to impress. Even the selection of different colors is possible today if it was not only supposed to be silver or black and very special, on demand even with your individual logo as a laser engraving.

Beside all this, the most fascinating to our customers consistantly is - the uncomparable sound of a HMS-Tuning Performance Exhaust System!

You may get all our exhaust systems (even with valve technolgy) with an EU-conformity data sheet. With it you could get a MOT approval for the exhaust system from your local authority.

Sound example

Check out the sound of a HMS Exhaust-System for the Audi R8.

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