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Alfa Romeo Brera 939 3.2 JTS V6 24V

Tuning data for Alfa Romeo Brera 939 3.2 JTS V6 24V - Petrol engine - 3195 ccm


Performance Data OEM Values ** HMS-Tuning Values ** Gains
Power 260 HP / 191 kW 275 HP / 202 kW + 15 HP / + 11 kW
Torque 322 Nm 335 Nm + 13 Nm


Performance improvement incl. installation 899.00 EUR *
net price excluding VAT 755.47 EUR

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  • * Prices including 19% German VAT. Net prices (ex VAT) are listed below.
  • ** OEM values are vendor default. HMS-Tuning values may vary depending on the individual vehicle and therefore may not be guaranteed.
    Errors and omissions excepted.

  • Important notice:
    The installation of electronic addons for tuning leads in Germany to a loss of the general vehicle approval, if the installation will not be checked and approved immediately by an official authorized expert. Driving a vehicle on public roads without a general vehicle approval might void your vehicles liability insurance and you may loose the complete vehicle insurance protection (please check upfront with the vehicle insurance provider). Driving a vehicle without having a valid vehicle liability insurance is a criminal offence in Germany! Installation of tuning addons may also lead to loss of any warranty claims against the manufacturer or seller of the vehicle.