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Nissan GT-R with 610HP / 448kW and 750Nm!

!! The Nissan GT-R with up to 610HP / 448kW and 750Nm !!

Equipped with performance valve exhaust system and chip-tuning from HMS-Tuning

the Nissan GT-R shows up to 610HP / 448kW and 750Nm in Race Mode on the dyno !

In Road Mode the vehicle still got remarkable 590HP / 434kW and 710Nm.

!! Top Performance and Quality by HMS-Tuning !!


Nissan GT-R Valve-Exhaust System

Exhaust system made of stainless steel 1.4301 2x65mm dia run into 1x90mm dia
with 4x130mm beveled tail pipes with elements, incl. exhaust valve control

Product code: 1 AP 54 90 100