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sport auto Tuner-Grand Prix 2011 in Hockenheim

A great success to celebrate for the HMS-Tuning team arround CEO Mark Handloser at the sport auto Tuner-Grand Prix 2011 on the race track in Hockenheim. Once again we have confirmed the know-how and quality of HMS-Tuning!

The Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG, endowed with the HMS-Tuning "performance package", in its class "C4 limousine - turbo" reached a successful fourth rank and had just defeated the much lighter Mitsubishi EVO.

No wonder, for tuning specialist HMS was in cooperation with the Danish manufacturer of compressors Xtra Power. The Mercedes Benz C63 AMG compressor got 470KW/640HP and an impressive torque of 840 Nm. The lap time achieved by "1:12.340" on the short track at Hockenheim with a vehicle weight of 1760 kg and with 19 "tires is even an announcement. Mind you, the vehicle as it was used for racing may be driven fully legal on public roads, because the "HMS Performance Package" has got full MOT (TÜV) approval!

Our most experienced racer Timo Schupp was impressed too on the acceleration of the compressor-driven powerhouse from HMS-Tuning. Even a tuned AMG Mercedes SLS, racing in super sports class was not really faster!

We were particularly pleased even beyond the absolutely consistent and reliable presentation of the HMS-Tuning Mercedes C63 AMG Kompressor over the entire race weekend. Even the most extreme conditions over several days of training, warmup and the race itself, the engine, transmission, differential and brake system have mastered quite well in more than 100 racing laps completely without any problem!

Styled with the HMS-Tuning Carbon Body Kit our C63 AMG ran reliably as a Swiss watch and thanks to an excellent driving by Timo Schupp the car in the end had not one scratch at all!

The HMS-Tuning "Performance Package" for the Mercedes C63 AMG can be ordered now!

Big Thanks for a successful racing weekend to:       

.. and to all who have contributed through their active support to the success of this racing weekend!