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The exhaust valve technology

The exhaust valve allows you to adjust the volume of your exhaust system by yourself, but it is important to note that there is the need to adapt a bypass. You may control the exhaust valve anytime from a switch inside your vehicle, so you may decide when your car either should have a sporty or a classic sound. This is a manual valve control and due this is not approved by MOT (TÜV) for public road.

If a valve is retrofit into an existing exhaust system, it must always be remembered that the sound is not the same as from an exhaust system already designed with valves. The structure of the valve exhaust system or the muffler is completely different . An electronic valve control therefore is technically not possible to integrate into an already built in exhaust system without valve control.

Because we are a manufacturer for exhaust systems, we could design and produce a tailored exhaust system with valve technology for your vehicle. If you have further questions on the valve technology you may reach us during business hours at +49 7644 92850.